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Why should I trust my case to your company?

One of the most critical decisions you can make is, which law company will represent you and your case. We acknowledge how important your case is to you and selecting the appropriate firm and solicitor to defend you might make all the difference. Our principle at Nazarian Law, Steven Nazarian, has a combined expertise of over 30 years, and he will guide you through all the processes of your case. 

What is my responsibility as a client?

You, as the client, will choose the overall course of your case. Our responsibility as your solicitor is to give you the best legal advice on the many choices available to take your case forward, including the benefits, downsides, and expenses connected with each. In most cases, we will provide a suggestion, but the final decision will be yours. Then, we'll provide the legal services you'll need to carry out your requests. We want you to recognize that we are here to advise you during the tough times that come with being faced with a lawsuit.  We expect you to come to us if you have any issues or queries. We want you to be open and honest with us so that we can best prepare you for any depositions that may occur.

What type of legal services do you provide?

From legal advice and basic concerns to lawsuits and criminal matters, we provide a comprehensive variety of legal services. On the legal services page, you'll discover a full list of our services.

How long will my process take?

Due to the specific circumstances of each case, the length of time that a judicial action might take varies substantially from case to case. Many aspects are beyond our control, and many are dictated by the court's timetable. Multiple developments over the course of a case might contribute to the case's speeding up or slowing down. We make certain that all deadlines are met on our end to guarantee that the procedure on your behalf moves as quickly as feasible. The majority of cases that settle without going to trial, would take from one to two years. However, each situation is different, thus determined by a variety of circumstances. During our initial meeting, we will happily discuss this with you.

What are the fees for your legal services?

The entire cost of our legal services is mostly determined by the matter or issue at hand. This is due to the fact that each case requires different levels of skill and legal complexity.  Furthermore, costs would vary if clients sought exceptional requirements or a time restriction, however, this may be negotiated depending on the complication of the legal case.

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