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Are You Considering Pleading Guilty? Consult with a Criminal Lawyer First

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The first issue to decide when charged by the police is whether you should plead guilty or not guilty.

On the first court date, the judge will ask this question to each defendant.

There are several factors to consider before answering this question.

For example, did the police act lawfully when arresting you? Did they meet the legal standard of an arrest, being a “reasonable suspicion” that an offence has been committed?

If a search was conducted, either of your person, car, or home, was search conducted lawfully? If not, what are the legal consequences of such illegality to you?

Are there any legal defenses available to you at law in relation to the charge? Such defenses depend on the charge laid against you, such as “self defense” in relation to offences of violence, or “own person use” in drug matters.

What is a “plea deal”?

It is common for most people who have been charged to assume that as they have acted unlawfully in one respect then they are guilty of all the charges laid against them. This is not always the case. Police often lay multiple charges, in the hope that a defendant will offer a “plea deal”, i.e., plead guilty to some charges conditionally upon the withdrawal of other charges.

The police may have acted unlawfully in arresting you. Additionally, any search conducted may have been conducted unlawfully and this may have favorable consequences to you at a hearing of the case. For example, the evidence can be held to be inadmissible, meaning you may then be found ‘Not Guilty”.

Action Plan

An experienced criminal lawyer in Sydney can advise you of your rights before you plead guilty or not guilty.

It is important that you do not enter a plea before you have obtained proper and thorough legal advice.

At Nazarian Law, our principal, Steven Nazarian, has practiced criminal law for over 30 years, having appeared in countless trials and hearings. He can provide you with prompt, concise, and thorough advice regarding your legal rights when charged with a criminal offence.

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