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A Guide to Property Conveyancing in Australia

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Who is a Conveyancer?

Consider conveyancing to be the process by which a property is transferred from one owner to another. Thus, a conveyancer is a qualified professional who specialises in providing guidance and assistance concerning the purchase of the property that's being sold.

The conveyancer's goal is to protect you by conducting the necessary searches and ensuring that the required adjustments are made at settlement. For instance, the conveyancer will go through a title search to verify that the property belongs to the seller and that there are no ongoing debts on the property. If there are, which is extremely common, even in modest amounts, the conveyancer will create a statement of adjustments to make sure the buyer does not inherit any of these problems. Additionally, the conveyancer will also proceed with property title searches to obtain land information or council certificates regarding governmental planning maps.

The Process Simplified

The signing of a sale contract to purchase a property in Australia is merely the start of the process. Before the settlement, there are a range of factors to consider. Moreover, when you work with a solicitor that is experienced in handling property sales procedures, they will ensure that a variety of issues will be precisely managed to guarantee your privileges throughout the process.

Preparation of all the documents required in your property transaction is one of a solicitor's most critical and crucial jobs. They will handle the transfer documentation to ensure that the property is transferred to or from your name in a lawful and proper manner. It's also the conveyancer's imperative to ensure that the paperwork is compliant with Australian laws.

Contract of Sale Preparation

On the vendor’s side, if you’re selling a property in Australia, your solicitor will arrange the execution of the needed legal documents. They will also ensure that all the distinct requirements are met, and all conditions are addressed in the final contract. As well as attend to the settlement of the property, act on your behalf and deal with any queries from the buyer’s side.

Review of a Contract of Sale

If you’re purchasing a property in Australia, your solicitor will review the final contract for any possible errors and will inform you of any critical dates during the settlement period. They will also provide you with the terms of the contract and any conditions that can be added to protect you. They will calculate the adjustment of rates and taxes and carry out searches on the property and its title as well.

How Nazarian Law Can Help?

We take pride in mentioning that at Nazarian Law, our principal, Steven Nazarian handles property transfers on a daily basis. We ensure transition through all stages of the process to be smooth and stress-free. If you’re selling your property or buying a new one, make sure to contact us here for legal advice.

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