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A Divorce in Australia

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

How long does it take to get a divorce in Australia?

Separation and divorce in Australia are subject to strict legal requirements and time constraints. In regard to separation, it occurs when both parties have agreed to separate, or when one party agrees to separate and informs the other. Hence, hiring a solicitor who is experienced in family law is vital for a divorce. Without skilled legal support, you may end up with arrangements that are not in your favor in relation to property settlements, child support, etc. Thus, the most convenient and simple way to file a divorce is to seek advice from a law attorney that will guide and help you understand the various steps needed to finalize a divorce. All things considered, you should provide some legal documents and answer a few queries, then the solicitor will make sure that all the other requirements are met.

The Real Cost of Separation

Divorce and separation are never simple decisions to be made. It might have an emotional impact, but it can also have financial consequences that mount up and become a burden. With the correct legal assistance and support, filing for divorce is possible to result in a rather stress-free process.

In addition to the filing fee of the divorce order, the cost of a divorce is as diverse as the individuals involved. For instance, if you're filing for divorce as a Sole applicant, you'll need to budget for the fees of a third-party professional in order to organize the divorce, as well as postage to serve your former spouse with the divorce application. If you're the one who's been served with a divorce, you won't have to pay any expenses. You will have to pay a fee to amend the application if you would like to oppose the divorce or file a specific order with the family law courts. On the other hand, Joint divorce applications, enable you and your spouse to plan and file a divorce application together, if all terms are met. A joint divorce application is faster and less expensive because it eliminates the requirement for you or your former partner to attend a divorce hearing.

Get Expert Advice

At Nazarian Law, we are fully knowledgeable of the legal requirements of divorce and can help you through the process to prevent unnecessary expense and delay in obtaining a divorce order.

For further information or to enquire issues concerning your divorce, kindly feel free to contact us here.

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